The Team

The Team

Yair Lapid founded the Yesh Atid party in January 2012 after 31 years as a prominent journalist both in print and on television.  He has published 7 books and was voted the 36h greatest Israeli of all time in 2005.  He is married to Lihi Lapid who he met while on IDF reserve duty and has three children.


Attorney Karin Alharar heads the legal clinic in Bar Ilan University and founded clinics for the rights of the handicapped, seniors, and Holocaust survivors.  She has been at the forefront of legislation on behalf of the handicapped and special needs children in Israel.  

Meir Cohen is the mayor of Dimona.  During his tenure numerous factories opened, the city's first mall was built, unemployment dropped, he built cultural and youth centers, and led the efforts to lower the price of water.       



Yael German is the mayor of Herziliya.  Known for her dedication to the quality of life of her constituents, she led the battle against cellular antennas in residential areas, spearheaded massive city wide development, and fostered harmony among the city's varied populations.


Dr. Adi Kohl founded the "University of the Nation" which enables the underprivileged and uneducated to take courses to prepare for entry into universities.   She is a prominent social activist for many causes including health, education, and protecting children from abuse.


Dr. Aliza Lavie lectures at Bar Ilan University and around the world on the topics of women and prayer, Jewish culture and identity, and the Israeli-Diaspora relationship.   The author of many books, she won the National Jewish Book Award for "Women's Prayer."


Maj.-General (ret.) Mickey Levy served as the Chief of Police in the Jerusalem region during the second intifada.  Following his retirement he served as the police attaché to Washington and as a public security consultant in Russian and Brazil.


Yaakov Peri served in the General Security Service ("Shabak") for 22 years before being appointed to serve as its director during the intifada by Prime Minister Yitzchak Shamir.  Following his retirement, he served on faculty of Harvard University and as CEO of Cellcom.


Rabbi Shai Piron is the rabbi in Oranit and a Rosh Yeshiva in Petach Tikva.   He is the CEO of "Hakol L'Chinuch" which works to improve state education.  Rabbi Piron helped found Tzohar and runs numerous projects to foster harmony between the religious and secular.

Yoel Rozbozov emigrated from the former Soviet Union at the age of 11.  He became the Israeli judo champion at 16 and represented Israel in the 2004 Olympics.  He serves as a city councilman in Netanya and on the Israeli Olympic Committee.       


Ofer Shelach has been a journalist for Maariv and Yediyot Achronot for 25 years along with hosting popular television news and sports programs.  He published seven books with a focus on the IDF and served in an elite paratrooper unit, losing an eye in Lebanon in 1983.


Shimon Solomon fled Ethiopia by foot and immigrated to Israel in 1980.  He has headed numerous organizations to assist Ethiopian Jews in Israel and is a major in the IDF reserves – paratroopers unit.


Dr. Ruth Calderon started the first secular Bet Midrash in the country and now oversees a network of 100 study halls throughout Israel open to Jews of all backgrounds.  She has spearheaded efforts to generate dialogue between the religious and secular communities.  

 Rut Kalderon

Attorney Penina Tamnu –Shata immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia at the age of three during Operation Moses.  She has emerged as a leading advocate for the rights of Ethiopian Jews and assisting the underprivileged throughout Israel.

 Penina Tamnu –Shata

Rena Frankel emigrated to Maalot from Russia in 1990.  She held various positions in the local and regional employment offices.  During her term as director of the Maalot branch, her creative initiatives lowered unemployment by 50 percent.


Rena Frankel


Yifat Kariv heads the youth division of the Ministry for the Development of the Negev and Galil and serves as a member of the Hod Hasharon city council.  She is a prominent social activist for women's rights and improvements in education.  

Yifat Kariv

Rabbi Dov Lipman is an author, columnist, educator and activist who has combated religious extremism and coercion in Bet Shemesh.  He represents Haredim who want general studies and to combine Torah study with national/IDF service and participation in the workforce.

Dov Lipman

Boaz Toporovsky served as the head of the national student union for all Israeli universities.   He also served as a member of the European student union and as an advisor to the Minister of Welfare.

Boaz Toporovsky

Dr. Ronen Hoffman served as political advisor to the Minister of Defense and was the personal aide to Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin.  He is among the founders and administrators of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism at the IDC in Herziliya.  

 Ronen Hoffman